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QuickConnect Anatomy Band Starter Kit - Tabbed

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$399.00 NZD
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$399.00 NZD

Introducing our QuickConnect Anatomy Band Starter Kit. This starter kit contains 40 QuickConnect Anatomy Bands (Tabbed), 30 Separator Wedges and 2 high-precision stainless steel autoclavable QuickConnect Carriers with a lifetime guarantee. The cost of this kit is primarily attributed to the QuickConnect Carriers, which are worth $175 each and necessary for the placement of the QuickConnect Anatomy Bands. 

The QuickConnect Bands also come in refill packs of 50 bands of each individual size for $125. 

There are two versions of QuickConnect Anatomy Bands – Regular and Tabbed. The QuickConnect Anatomy Band Regular version has no tabs on the top edge of the band. 

The Tabbed QuickConnect Anatomy Band is an enhanced version of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band that comes with additional tabs called “Tight-Contact-Tabs.” These optional tabs are designed to provide an added level of control and precision during the filling process, by temporarily securing the matrix band to adjacent teeth using a bonding agent and flowable resin or pulling them while curing the composite to ensure the matrix is in contact with adjacent teeth. 

Kit Contents:
2 x QuickConnect Carriers (Valued at $175 each with a lifetime guarantee)
10 x QuickConnect Bands - Molar - Tabbed – 6.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands - Molar - Tabbed – 5.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands - Premolar - Tabbed – 6.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands - Premolar - Tabbed – 5.5mm
10 x Separator Wedges – Small
10 x Separator Wedges – Medium
10 x Separator Wedges – Large

This starter kit contains everything you need to take your composite filling procedures to the next level.