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Sure Matrix Class II Mini Kit

Sure Matrix Class II Mini Kit

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From the inventors of the V3 Matrix System comes the Sure Matrix, guaranteed tight contacts every time! 

The Sure Matrix was designed with tooth anatomy in mind leaving you with beautiful anatomical restorations and minimal finishing. The long Tight Contact Tabs can be temporarily secured to the adjacent tooth giving you more control and tight contacts every time!

  • Tight contacts 100% of the time
  • Simpler to use
  • Excellent anatomy and marginal seal
  • Less finishing
  • Works for missing cusps
  • No separating rings required  

    Contents of Pack:

    6 x Sure Matrix 3.5mm
    14 x Sure Matrix 4.5mm
    14 x Sure Matrix 5.5mm
    6 x Sure Matrix 6.5mm
    3 x Blue Bond Tips
    1 x 1.5ml Blue Bond
    14 x Separator Wedge Blue (Extra Large)
    14 x Separator Wedge Teal (Large)
    14 x Separator Wedge Green (Medium)
    14 x Separator Wedge Yellow (Small)
    6 x Blue Deep Margin Elevation Wedge (Left and Right , Large)
    6 x Green Deep Margin Elevation Wedge (Left and Right , Medium)

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