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OVC5 Molar & Premolar Full Kit

OVC5 Molar & Premolar Full Kit

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The One Visit Crown™ (OVC5) enables dentists to prep and place anatomically correct, full coverage restorations in one appointment without the need for expensive CAD/CAM systems.

This Molar & Premolar kit contains everything you need to complete 40 OVCs on upper and lower molar and premolar teeth.



40 x OVC5s for Upper and Lower Molars and Premolars in all 5 sizes.
40 x Sizing Guages
40 x Small Separator Wedges (Yellow)
80 x Medium Separator Wedges (Green)
40 x Large Separator Wedges (Blue)
24 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedges (Green - Medium / Blue - Large)

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