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OVC5 Molar & Premolar SML Kit

OVC5 Molar & Premolar SML Kit

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The One Visit Crown™ (OVC5) enables dentists to prep and place anatomically correct, full coverage restorations in one appointment without the need for expensive CAD/CAM systems.

This SML kit (Small, Medium and Large Kit) contains only small medium and large OVCs, giving you the most common sizes used. It contains everything you need to complete 32 OVCs on upper and lower molar and premolar teeth and includes one small, two medium, and one large OVC for each tooth type.



32 x OVC5s for Upper and Lower Molars and Premolars in Small, Medium and Large. 
32 x Sizing Guages
48 x Small Separator Wedges (Yellow)
48 x Medium Separator Wedges (Green)
48 x Large Separator Wedges (Blue)
24 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedges (Green - Medium / Blue - Large)

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