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QuickConnect Anatomy Band Introductory Kit

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$235.00 NZD
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$235.00 NZD
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$235.00 NZD

This starter kit contains 20 QuickConnect Anatomy Bands (12 x Regular and 8 x Tabbed), 15 Separator Wedges and 1 high-precision stainless steel autoclavable QuickConnect Carriers with a lifetime guarantee. The cost of this kit is primarily attributed to the QuickConnect Carriers, which are worth $175 each and necessary for the placement of the QuickConnect Anatomy Bands.

The QuickConnect Bands also come in refill packs of all sizes as follows. 
Regular 50 pack: $125
Tabbed 45 pack: $125

The Tabbed QuickConnect Anatomy Band is an enhanced version of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band that comes with additional tabs called “Tight-Contact-Tabs.” These optional tabs are designed to provide an added level of control and precision during the filling process, by temporarily securing the matrix band to adjacent teeth using a bonding agent and flowable resin or pulling them while curing the composite to ensure the matrix is in contact with adjacent teeth. 

Kit Contents:
1 x QuickConnect Carriers (Valued at $175 each with a lifetime guarantee)
3 x Molar Regular Bands – 6.5mm
2 x Molar Tabbed Bands - 6.5mm
3 x Molar Regular Bands – 5.5mm
2 x Molar Tabbed Bands - 5.5mm
3 x Premolar Regular Bands – 6.5mm
2 x Premolar Tabbed Bands - 6.5mm
3 x Premolar Regular Bands - 5.5mm
2 x Premolar Tabbed Bands - 5.5mm
5 x Separator Wedges – Small
5 x Separator Wedges – Medium
5 x Separator Wedges – Large

This starter kit contains everything you need to take your composite filling procedures to the next level. 

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