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Separator Wedge - Mixed Pack - 200 Pack

Separator Wedge - Mixed Pack - 200 Pack

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Separator Wedge® – better by design 

This wedge is designed to separate. Although it has parallel sides, its rigidity increases as you push it in further. Its ski-jump tip is kind to the gingival papillae on the other side and it’s easy to hold and push in. The Separator Wedges® provide good compression of the gingival tissues and prevents seepage while holding the matrix tight against the tooth.

Only 4 sizes are required and they are autoclavable so you can be sure they are sterile when you use them. Single-use disposable.

Now includes new Large - Teal wedge.

For best results

• Place Separator Wedge® soon after the local anesthetic to start the tooth separation. This also prevents catching the gingival tissues during tooth prep.

• Push in several times to take up the slack as the teeth move apart.

• Slide Separator Wedge® partially back out while placing the matrix, then push back in firmly.


Pack Contents:
50 x Separator Wedge - Extra Large - Blue

50 x Separator Wedge - Large - Teal 

50 x Separator Wedge - Medium - Green

50 x Separator Wedge - Small - Yellow

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