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Stretch Wedge - 50 Pack

Stretch Wedge - 50 Pack

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Stretch Wedges are flossed between the teeth and pulled tight to create separation and securely hold the matrix band in place. They are gentle on the papillae and have adjustable separating force (the harder you pull the more separation you get).

Main uses for the Stretch Wedge:

  1. By depressing the gingival col prior to tooth preparation, bleeding and contamination are prevented. Rubber dams are also protected during tooth preparation by this method.
  2. Flossed through contact point to retain rubber dam
  3. Holding a Mylar strip in place during anterior restorations
  4. It can be used as a regular separating wedge with a circumferential band
  5. Restoring a mesial cavity on an upper premolar where the canine fossa causes a W-shaped cavity prep, which is usually very difficult to close off.

Pack contents:

50 x Stretch Wedge

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