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Sure Band Premolar 5.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Band Premolar 5.5mm - 50 Pack

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Introducing the Sure Band - Ultimate Control

From the creators of the Triodent V3 Ring, the Sure Band has been designed with tooth anatomy in mind, allowing you to create anatomically correct restorations predictably and easily. Additionally, it offers the following features:

  • Finally, an anatomically-correct circumferential band.
  • Phenomenal contours and anatomy, especially the proximal surface.
  • Multiple long tabs on the proximal sides can be, optionally, tacked to adjacent teeth to overcome the inward force created by band tightening. This guarantees that the contacts are tight.
  • Very thin foil, yet surprisingly robust – 35μm.
  • The tails of the band are spot-welded together to make loading easier.
  • Tofflemire compatible.
  • Contoured for molars and premolars in 5.5mm and 6.5mm for deeper restorations.

Kit Contents: 
50 x Sure Band Premolar - 5.5mm

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